Small Minds Discuss People; Don’t Talk Listen!!

Literal and direct !!! Message!!!!


I just don’t get and never will get why individuals judge and talk about other individuals!! Never sat with me. And don’t get me wrong growing up going through high school through to college, with my group of friends girls and guys..a few in general!
they would talk about other people! Easy! And I fell into the trap. As not all but some people may do with their friends, if your friends are talking about a person, yeah you might not include a whole paragraph, but you notice yourself agreeing or adding a sentence or two here or there! It may be that you don’t laugh or add anything, but the mere fact that you allow yourself to take in what they are saying means your involving yourself into that bad energy of discussing another!
Do you know that person!
You do not know there story.
And now looking back…

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