Sorrow of the Wind.

Some people are meant to be, this poem describes the anguish of heart ache when lovers part and self reflection…


I seem to see the never ending emotion,

unfulfilled and unmoved;

Through eyes of the wind,

I find myself in shallow of a room

painted with despair

and with a lady sitting at its bay.

Bidding a final goodbye

the mistress takes a fall,

hoping to find herself never alive,

to unsee her lover smitten

with fury of death

and with agony of separation.

The King unmoved and unfulfilled,

moved the tray of doom

into the sight of public,

who began to fear the rage

let loose upon them ,

trying to turn the eye away.

The honor and prestige

has been restored,

but at a cost so dear

that no man can justify

and move with the same honor

which he nudges others to carry.

Passing through the empty lanes

as the night shines bright

and the blood all dry,

I secretly whisper

to the souls to re-unite

and set the emotions all right.

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