Inner Growth


Are you allowed to believe?
People won’t give you the chance to show your potential, yet they question your anguish and life story.
Belittling your truth and one upping their own damn pain.
Its a shame we live in a world of takers , with the rarity of givers who are destroyed by the greed of these takers who are transforming the givers selfless nature into selfish and guarded as well.
*(a Mouth full)*
To know your truth you have to live it, even when no one is looking.
Think it, speak it and believe it.
Reality isn’t your take on life, its what life puts on you and how you handle it.
Move at your own pace, but take heed of the barriers that come with your path.
Keep your soul lavishly bestowed in positive energy.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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