Words Of The Wise


They say I over think,
I say they don’t think enough.
You would be surprised what others say when your back is turned, even more surprised when they know you’re listening, its all the same.
People only value what you can do for them.
If you are of no use it is then you become nothing to their world, but a spun joke, exaggerated lie, and a punching bag to release their anger.
What goes around comes around, karma has a way of shaking up the petty minded fools who belittle and ridicule your acts kindness.
It all goes without saying you never know what a person truly thinks of you.
Their actions will always reveal what’s hidden though.
Those who step on you to reach higher ground will always learn the hard way.
Lesson being, the same way up is the same way down.
Be careful how you treat those who have seemingly fallen asleep in their destiny.
Because when they awaken, you’ll forever watch them live their dream.
Talk behind another persons back and God will bless them in your face.
Words carry a lot of weight.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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