What is life?!
Life is watching the sun rise out of the ocean,
Feeling the wind kiss your face, and watching dandelions petals race.
Life is beautiful in some ways.
At least that’s what Hollywood say.
Me? What is my life?
Breathing in city smoke,
Drinking poison until i choke
Smelling old grease burning thin.
Bubble gum under bus seats and bitter tobacco flavored breath with just a hint of cheap coffee left.
Traveling into my nostrils and turning my stomach inside out.
Fake smiles and false truths,
“I’m fine…” The biggest told lie in all generations of fools.
Praying and hoping you’ll survive.
Making promises that seem to have deadlines and
Erasing love until hate and crazy subsides.
A beach with no sand.
Tea with no sugar,
A pool without water,
A singer without a band,
A bible with no God,
Sex with no passion,
A hot factory with no fan.
Radio without music
Earth with no land.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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