Ghetto Girl


Bitches be like…
Dhat hoe ain’t all dhat,
Dhat hoe fake,
He keep runnin’ back ta her,
Why she dress like she classy?
She think she better than us or sumthin’ ?
She  always wearin’ perfume, what she tryna hide?
Purse full of lotion, dhat hoe ashy?
Dhat bitch teeth so bright it has-ta burn hurr mouth, she went ova board wit duh whitener.
I dont see hurr out no’whur,  whurr that hoe be goin’?
She don’t neva go clubbin tho dhat hoe borin’,
He gon’ leev hurr
ma-nica hurd she be wurrin fake lashes & a face full of makeup so dhat got ta be weave, right girl?
Cant stand dhat hoe,
why he like her foe?!?
Bitch its called taking care of yourself…
Bitches kill me with their one sided compliment,
they be like your hair is cute, is it yours?  
Bitch your daddy is cute, is he yours?
*flips hair*

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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