Food For Thought


I woke up and decided that change is inevitable.
One positive thought,
leads to one positive mood,
And plenty of positive vibes, bringing you one great day.
And I’ve decided not one bad mood or pessimist is going to change that.
Everyone is fighting their own battle daily, but that doesn’t mean their rudeness excuses yours. They can taint, but never ruin your entire day without your permission.
Pass on kindness and most likely it’ll comeback. Its never to late to change the course of your negative energy to positive energy. If your morning is already rough take a deep breath and keep on pushing through.
For you are reborn every second on an  hour and every day.
Love to love and spread greatness throughout your day to your love ones , friends, enemies, frenemies, peers, and acquaintances.
Turn the other cheek not because you want to, but because you have to. Your souls energy and karma balance needs it.
Peace ✌ & Love 💖

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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