Undeserved Love

This piece is extremely powerful and spiritually moving beyond words. A Great writer, great piece.

The Kallos Project

Come out of the darkness, you don’t have to hide

There is so much more than the emptiness you’re feeling inside

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel you don’t see

I can tell you from experience, because He saved me

Come out of the shadows, you’re never alone

There’s someone who loves you more than anyone you know

More than any earthly romance or man that you cling to

More than the stories and the movies and the lies they all feed you

There is love, and it’s real, and it’s unconditional

That means nothing you do could ever make it more official

There’s no goodness or deeds or words you could say

Nothing but sweet surrender will ever make you more okay

God is love—and I promise, it’s the most beautiful kind

A kind of love that fills you up and makes you shine from the…

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