Silence is golden.
It is better to let go and defuse,
Than to hold on to emotional, mental, physical, and verbal abuse.
Tiresome is the world of possibility.
It seems that words are needed to either complete you or destroy esteems indefinitely.
Men have ran more countries by mouth.
Than by hand,
Genocides and wars on command.
The power relys in the ones who follow.
Hurt one, they all fear the same fate tomorrow.
Ignorant sheep.
How soft is a mind that is gullible to inceptions biggest propaganda?
Be careful what you put out there into the world,
Whether by thought or mouth.
It is better to fill the emptiness and voided dooms,
With silence that holds more power than fools can grasp to .
Inevitable debates from simpletons who try to state opinions as fact.
Lips are meant to rest and eyes to watch tact.
Your words hold power,
So conserve, encourage, and learn.
It only takes a moments mute to hear the worlds yearning concerns.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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