What will your legacy be?
What will you leave behind for your children to carry on and hand down for generations?
What have you given your children, that your parents didn’t give you?
What have you taught them?
What did you give them when they entered the real world, or what do you plan to give them to take on the challenges you have faced or are still trying to master?
Your job as a parent is to raise your child and prepare them for their future.
If they are ill prepared, consistently discouraged, and raised in a negative environment,
then you have FAILED them.
They are now left to pick up your debts and scraps before  building their own future.
You have taught them to prepare for the worst with expectations to have to clean up another’s lack there of.
You have not taught them to prepare for the best , because the has world failed you it shall always fail them is what you teach.
Can you honestly write a list down of the knowledge, spiritual growth, love and responsibility you have taught them? Hourly? Daily? Monthly? Yearly?
The chain of a family tradition of hell.
Where success is a gift and miracle.
Not a expectation.
Dare to stand out amongst fools? Break the cycle?
Or hell give that cycle back and walk the path that none have seen. Learn to prosper past negative and belittling ignorance.
Family will pull you down and destroy you before the world can, just so that you’ll be stuck where their feet are planted.
You have to learn that a flower can grow in sand and in concrete.
Just because you’re given a hard hand doesn’t mean you have at play with it.
Fold and get dealt in a new hand of possibilities.
Your parents failures doesn’t have to be yours.


by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


One thought on “Heirloom

  1. My babies are amazing. They all shave now and one is married. I think back at the many ways I did fail them and wish it had been otherwise. But one thing I did give them is me. We are related biologically but more important we are related and connected spiritually. We like each other. We talk and know. We share. I wanted to do more through these fleeting years but all i could manage was to bless them. For all my lofty intention I managed to gave them a relationship with their Daddy. Perhaps it is enough. It was a gap in the boy I was. Either way they are really cool people whoever their daddy is.

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