Thought you knew,
Left you a note that told you we we’re through.
Now I’m left feeling guilty and unamused at the stupidity that comes from you.
Harsh words and apologies coming in sync leaving us both hurt and confused.
Feeding guilt to hold on to what we already lost.
Remaining miserable at happiness cost.
With you I feel bored with the routine.
Waking up and constantly entertaining your new big money schemes.
Our lies have suffocated us both with truth busting at the seams.
Its been over but you won’t let go no matter my inner screams.
With you begging me please asking me over and over what do I need.
Space for eternity is what i need..
A new life, love, scene…
If its meant to be it’ll be
But for now what I need is not what you can see.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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