Night Owl


I seen an owl last night
Wings spread wide in the sky last night.
Moon glistening on the ground with its shadow  spread wide last night.
Took a chance and closed my eyes last night and heard its howl in the wind last night
Chills crossed my skin and left my souls light dim last night.
Fear caused my feet to pick up pace until I was sprinting last night.
Eyes still closed I ran last night
Heard a car horn and tires screech, and the faint sound of flapping wings last night.
When I finally opened my eyes, I was at my door step about a quarter to nine last night.
Threw my keys on the coffee table and hung my coat last night.
Showered and crawled in my bed clothes clinging to my skin still soaked, last night.
With the curtains blowing in, the chill left me froze, last night.
Approaching the window I looked out into the night cold, last night
peering at the owl perched on my tree, so bold last night.
It glared back at me unscathed calling out “who”  7 heart beats fast, last night.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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