Forever Young


A grown child…
I guess its hard to believe I still watch cartoons.
Sing loudly in the shower out of tune.
I still cry in my pillow when the world has come down on me.
Call my best friend so we can plot out vengeance never to be received.
I still hate refusal and hearing gossip being told.
As I did as a child after I was given the final “no”.
My inner voice still laughs at a clumsy fool falling.
I love a good joke that leaves my stomach balling.
I still play in my make up, experimental things.
I still love gifts and giving back, which is all the same.
Paint drying still bores me, yet art still leaves me amazed.
I still pick flowers from the ground and place them behind my ear.
I still swing until my feet has touched the clouds that seem so near.
A young heart with an old soul,
Eating captain crunch and jam toast.
Still blasting my music like a teenager locked in their room.
Damn near obsessed with all fashion and new phones.
A child at heart forever in my own zone.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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