Musical Uplift


Just a regular day,
It’s Sade that gets me going today,
if Bob Marley can’t.
They say I have an old soul and a preeminent caliber ear for music, to be so young.
But really my choices in music depends on quality and the feel not relevancy or whats hot and trending for the moment.
If a song moves me its gold, but if the song takes me deep into the depths of my conscious mind, imagination /past memories, then for me it is grand.
My taste in music depends solely on how my soul feels.
A spiritual power.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


20 thoughts on “Musical Uplift

    1. Oh nooo I knew you weren’t judging which is why i thanked you for such a honest and impressionable feed back πŸ˜‰πŸ’― again i dare you to try something outside of your preference, you may hate it , you may love it, but i guarantee, it’ll be fun. . _😁 oh and i know what you mean, some of the songs seem to be exact replicas of other artist songs, but trust me there are a few diamonds amongst the commercial and conventional artist, dare to discover them πŸ˜‰


      1. Me and my middle boy did a thing the other night after a couple glasses of wine. Its like sixties beat poetry. He played improv jazz and I read the platos groove poem. It was one of the most fun I’ve ever had. We were laughing when we finished. Its so cool to make stuff with them they are such cool humans no matter who their daddy is.

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      2. It is a true blessing for you to have given them a gift many parents have neglected to give their children, allowing creativity and self expression is great, though i know limited at times. My mother would not allow me to get any piercings when i was in high school, she said once i turned 18 the decision was mine and she was sure i would change my mind. She was right, other than my ears , i have no piercings. Lol kenny g silhouette is one of my favorites


      3. The boys are gone now. My baby girl is fifteen. She’s so cool. Her room is a mess but the walls are filled with her art. I told her she will find god between the crazy and her creativity.

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  1. “not relevancy or whats hot and trending for the moment” Probably because you are more awake than most and have some idea of what is indeed revelent. Your soul makes her own selections. The trendy stuff is about someone’s else’s agenda and for their purposes. Most wait to be told what they like. Plugging into their twitter accounts for the day’s programming. Frankly I can hardly stand what passes for music today. Processed like Kraft Singles. Packaged, flattened under the cellophane. A favorite of second graders. Good for you. Be Groovy. πŸ™‚


    1. Wow thank you for your input.. that is all so very true. People ignore ingenious work to what is a club hit. I prefer quality. Though i do like some of the music , we do have a few greats left and some up and coming artist with a lot of potential. I just prefer listening to music that is in tune with my feelings and the universe. There is Power in music, what you choose to listen to decides yours views of the world unknowingly for some. Which is why i listen to all genres, and watch all visuals the artist use to deliver their message. I deeply love music, with a passion. An though I’m not a trend hopper, i do enjoy some songs like
      F.u.n we are young (I absolutely loved that song when it first came out.) You should give some of it a chance. You may just find a diamond in barrel of synthetic diamonds (glass) πŸ’―πŸ˜‰

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      1. Fun. I’m kinda old. Some the themes get on my nerves. I have mostly grown kids who teach me some stuff. They are musicians who listen to all of it but prefer jazz R&B and a little old school funk. Ive just noticed that much of the popular music through all of the genres is very similar in theme and lack of depth. My kids usually have found someone not on the music awards to show me. You just keep being groovy. Us old farts will just have to deal with it. πŸ™‚


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