Spoiled Tongues


Swinging from the ground up , feet sitting inside clouds of defiance.
I like to listen to what people say about me, when they think I’m not listening, so I prefer to be quiet..
See how those around react, hear who comes to my defense.
They say others opinion of you, should matter none to you.
For they’re just self projecting their own inner hate onto you.
What they eat don’t fill you up and who they fuck don’t make you cum.
But when they cough you still catch their cold.
And them driving drunk can still kill you ,who you love, or know.
Fact is everything has a cause and effect.
Their malicious words still reach your ears and dim your mood, that’s a fact.
You don’t know half the shit I’ve seen in few.
Wouldn’t believe what I’ve heard from those I thought I knew.
Reality is trust requires two, just as lies requires very little truth.
My silence is your worst fear and my biggest curse.
Just because a person is silent doesn’t mean they agree with your words.
Thread lightly and forgive the things that hurt.
Yet never forget the wounds that inflicted your name.
Never settle for what you don’t deserve,
for your self value and morals are thee only things that keep you sane.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes


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