Its hard to let go of your heart.
To let go completely seems impossible, because unconsciously you still wait on those very small possibilities of change from a tarnished lover that hurt you more than they have strengthened you.
Never should you wait for another to love you.
Waiting is expecting…
To expect your emotional needs & desires to be answered by the same person who cared more for theirs needs and desires than yours is a mental death wish. They’ve scarred your heart and gifted you with pain in exchange for your raw passionate love.
They never care once you stop caring, they ONLY care when another person starts caring for you the way they should have.
It is then they realize you’re no longer waiting for them to give you the love and realness you deserve, instead of taking yours for granted. They see you are no longer waiting on them to be ready, they see what they have lost.
When you move on, they chase after you, only to see if they can still take your love, when they need it.
Only to assure they can have you back whenever they are ready.
Their love is just selfish, possessive, and most of all a painful addiction.
An ongoing break up to make up, love hate battle..
But they say “Its better to have loved and than to have never loved at all.”

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes


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