Mind Over Matter


I guess you’re never really comfortable.
No matter the situation.
Comfort is only temporary,
There is always a bill, a cold, a break up, a make up, a new person, a new situation, old habits, new habits.
Comfort is your minds way of showing content with temporary satisfaction until a new test, a new lesson, a new eye opener presents itself to take you out of the routine you have been living day to day.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes


3 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

  1. sick illustration. The folds remind me of turned pages which relates so well to the depth of our minds. Deep down in my self, i feel cozy maybe sleeping in fetal position like that dude

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    1. Yes truly, the mind seeks comfort which is why I choose this piece of art. It fits my thoughts on us as people constantly changing to seek temporary comfort for our own sanity. From day to day.


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