The Sweetest


Heart of gold.
Goofy yet a gentle down to earth soul.
A smile so sweet , with warm hugs rose soft.
You stand by all and love without fault.
Flawless vocals that can sang the true blues.
Couldn’t imagine a life without you.
You brighten up life and lighten the load of more than a few.
Opening up hearts of many, giving us all a better optimistic view.
With ruby red nails, candy red lips,
Almond brown eyes, andΒ  Naomi sassy tips.
You teach us all what it means to be sweet yet swift.Β  πŸ˜‰
Silky black hair, and porcelain white teeth.
You are a beauty that goes beyond unique.
An aunt, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a teacher, a role model.
You are everything and more,
I am forever honored.

Love you Aunt Tracy,

Here’s a song for you…
Heard its your fave!!!!
Love you forever & ever …
Sade – The Sweetest Taboo:

Evelyn Champagne King – Love Come Down
My song for you👆👆👆👆

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes


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