Jill of All Trades


Class, love, & Empathy…
I woke up screaming C.L.E.
Once it dawned on me it was mothers day.
I had to think away, on what I would say.
Its hard to define you, you’re to special for me.
Literally & figuratively 😆
Known for your smile, warm heart, & good advice.
Sweet like honey,
Aging gracefully like fine wine,
Beautiful like the summer sky,
Soft on ears like a saxophone lullaby.
Sweet , beautiful, graceful, & soft.
To my role model & soft heart.
The woman who loves me unconditional from her heart.
The woman whose intelligence helped me to be smart.
Thank you for birthing me,
Loving me and
Teaching me,
A woman with class stands out more than one with less.
Teaching me,
Love can heal, steal, & grow.
Give to receive & love those who don’t.
Teaching me,
Empathy, to place my self in another’s position.
Which is major for me as a writer, to empathize with anothersΒ  mission.
To write with their eyes, to understand their vain and pain.
You made my dream not only easy, but possible to gain.
An artist, a mother, a teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a auntie, a granny πŸ™„
I loveΒ you always and forever.
To: My Beautiful Mother
Tasha ,

Song to my mother
Mama 👈👈
Song for my mother
Golden 👈👈

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes


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