Just Know that I Know…


You’re really going to talk about me to a person who holds secrets like a strainer holds water.
Just know that what you say to my back always reaches my ears.
But it don’t make me, I just laugh at you.
I know your true colors better than you.
I’ll smile when I see you even laugh with you.
Because what you say don’t make me, what you eat don’t fill me up, what you drink don’t make me pee, and what you feel don’t make me numb.
I am me, that’s all I’ll ever be.
So say what you want.
My silence is awareness, my laugh is tough love, my hug forgiveness, and my words my testimony.
Always resilient.
Be kind world,
Be loved heart,
Be true family
Be bold love.
Peace&Love Always

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes


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