Veiled Dreams

Dreadful disdain and hopes fallen angels, a world of deceptive narcissists.
Fable tales guides all to prosperity biggest vanity, 
I watch as people turn into addicts craving another’s ideal of beauty and sanity.
On a constant views change according to what others see as great,
seems almost unvarying and familiar.
Moving with the sound of the wailing poor mans needs
Unsettled by life gifts , his wants are now needs that sum up to being pure greed.
Feed me the light of the sun in exchange for a beggars chum,
for his chums are loyal to the dark hour of sorrows plead.
Thirst of the desert droughts a life of odds advantage over the deceived.
How great is a mind of few that provides a story for many?
Soundless hate and motionless dancing under the stairways of futures pity.
What is there to see, to feel, to know?
Lost in a world pool of tainted love and lustful jokes.


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