Motivation of the day


“Anything can happen, but i promise ill be alright.”

“You are either inspired by me or intimidated by me.”

“Stay quiet and play smart”

“Life is what you make it”

“You only drown if you forget to breathe”

“A lie can only began with one truth”

“Dreams give you purpose”

“your only limits are the ones you set for yourself”



2 thoughts on “Motivation of the day

    1. thanks, i’m glad you liked it but… i only use quotes (that i live by) on my motivation days post SORRY, i run a POETRY blog.. you should check out the rest of my blog , i have other Motivation of the day post mostly on days i’m feeling to drained to write and need my own inspiration. Anyway check out my poetry, i’m very quotable and ill be sure to check you out.


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