You will never get far with a do or don’t attitude.

You’re limiting your progress using I will or wont, but I ain’t mad at you.

Any overachiever knows it takes a lot out of you.

What does? Everything…

When you aim higher and beyond in everything you do.

Seeking perfection in every final move.

It’s our inner greatness, the brushstroke of an artist starving yet living life through the lens , screaming out ‘WHY ARENT YOU RECORDING THEN?!’

Yes, it’s the moments that we capture in our mind for later use.

Our ideas taking on their own life and growing roots.

How many signs do you need before you stop for gas?

How many acts do you perform? Do you know or can feel when it’s your last?

Stop & instruct your audience to live life in their past.

Singing the words of the broken hearted within a up tempo that’s masked.

Famished, fucking with my mind like I’m the puppet to your damage.

Spit out that noise and cut the strings that you playing with.

Silence the voices of the thoughtless, to unmute the cries of the audience.

They’re stuck watching likes it tv!

Commenting out of envy and what they choose to believe.

But just as salt looks like sugar, diamonds look like glass.

So tell me what exactly do you have if your riches involve only paper and glass?

No, I’m not bashing, just asking you to open your mind.

Look forward just as you always look from behind.

Think for yourself and make the moves you talk about.

Pour your ideas into realities engine and draw the map.

You got this , leave no room for doubt.

Be strong, eyes.

Be open, ears.

Be gone, fears.

Peace & Love Always! 💋

By: J. Peters 🐐


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