Clear Shot

I do it

because it has to be done, not because I want to do it.

Like working daily to survive on low funds, just to keep your life construed.

I listen

because God gave us two ears so that we can hear the truth in a lie.

So that we can hear the I love you in a mute goodbye.

If everyone lost their way, then what path would we turn to?

You all can be guided by what another says to be true, id rather be condemned for walking beyond the group.

Yearning for more than another’s limited ways.

They say the youth is free and the old are contained.

So let’s run threw the flowers in May and suckle the sweet flowers honey away.

Can you count on yourself to take care of you?

When no ones looking, who are you?

What change can you bring that will silence mute cries?

Like a drunkard at a bar, unlawfully beyond the limits, but still will unashamedly deny it.

Be loose like hair in the wind and completed like a symphony written by some powdered wig man.

Forever tempted to be a mimosa to your weekend binge.

Be loud, voice.

Be direct, thoughts.

Be honest, heart.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Peters 😇


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