Provisional Lover

I plead for you to love me

and you say ‘eventually..’

As if my love is an option that reads

100% guaranteed.

I dare you to say ‘i love you’ on the world stage.

Make a mockery of yourself just to make them lust, love, & hate.

But I doubt your ability to reciprocate the love I give without restraint.

For you’re all about what can be given and what more or less you can take.

I loved you more than I loved myself that was my first mistake.

I know you because you’re my doppelganger for pain.

I know you fear losing the control of who can hold your vulnerability and accept your inner vain.

I stay carrying your baggage and helping you sort it all out, it’s insane.

How do you careless about leaving me damaged in the lost and found behind the’ no fucks given’ gate?

Why do i need you to love me, when your actions say that you cant?

Why do i insist on you holding me when your arms lay lose at your side while mines grip you tighter than skinny jeans stuffed with ass implants , too fake.

Let me show you what it means to be loved, while you show me what it means to be hurt the same?

Hurt people hurt people, but that isn’t what I deserve, so may your guilt help me to heal you.

Gain your sympathy so that i can break down the walls that are thick enough to kill few.



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