Be Gentle

Be gentle world…

My words arenot meant to deter,

but let me clarify..

“be gentle”

as in Empathic of the malice society our people had & have to face,

that causes a few to be “sensitive ignorant people” ,..

so shamelessly stated… not trying to obliterate my message..

Empathy is a trait that has dismantled and built empires & movements..

beware though…

The blind cannot lead the blind when their other senses are also lacking.

In order to teach, you have to learn.

In order to lead you have to relate..

If your intentions are to open closed minds and empower the constantly muted and forgotten by force and belittling of their character/current circumstances,

then your movement will be led with cruelity & snafu…

You can’t force your views on others, nor classify an ENTIRE race as dark and ignorant all the while saying you want to help them?

Words have weight, you should never stomp the broken or discourage the meek with words that can not LIFT our people.

Show them their wings, don’t tighten the chains that have kept us all from exploring our potential and living out our true purpose.

Self discovery is not opposed be self recovery, they are insync.

We can & we will all find our path, in due time, as long as we walk in our truth.

Lead others as we follow and follow as we lead.

We are all, but one mind with a soul.

Some need more guidance and help than others, so be gentle.

There are a hundred plus ways to climb a mountain, but only a few ways to fall.

So you can let a minor slip be the death of your dreams, plans, and goals.

Or you can catch yourself, better prepare in case of another slip, and finish climbing.

You can also catch another person and help them.

In return they can better secure your climb, while you secure theirs as you both continue to excel towards the top.

Our journey and our character depends soley on the way we impact those we see daily , and the way we treat those who cross our paths.

Live the love you seek.

Love the life you live.

J. Peters ❤


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