Like wind , I’m only limited by what another hides.

I flow through stones, water, worlds, and sunrise.

Let us drink the water of earth so that our thirst will quench our dull lives.

We exist only to be of help to each others cries,

So why do we repeat the history of the fallen lives?

Its because we’ve lost sight of what makes us feel alive.

What gives us hope in a careless world?
what gives us light in the darkest hour?

What miracle comes when the silver lining fades?

Kindness, simple.

One act of kindness can have a butterfly effect on ones life.

Kindness is a selfless love that all can give, without cost or debt, or punishment.

As the saying goes “no good deed goes unpunished..”

But kindness has no consequence because it is not a deed done for charity, but for benefit of the soul.

So be kind to all, as well as yourself.

You have to choose to do what you feel is right, no matter how easy, tempting, or cajoling things, people, or harsh situations may be.

Be kind world,

You never know what another may be going through, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and or morally…

If you respond to fire with fire, the flame will flourish, so be cool like water.

Water has no boundaries, it can’t be contained, it slips through all cracks, seals, and moldings.

Be water to fire..

Be kind to the meek and undeserving,

fore it keeps your soul clean, your chakras(soul energy)balanced, and your conscious clear.

In order to manifest your desires into reality,

You have to start redirecting your approach to life,

Including how you converse and treat others, because everyone, from your love ones, friends, foes, co workers, mail man, or a stranger at Starbucks.

Everyone who has come in, out, or around you has a reason beyond your comprehension.

Whether it to teach you, treat you, reach you, lift you, or lighten your load..

Be kind world..

Be kind heart..

Be kind mind..

J. Peters 🕊


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