Blinding is the truth once you free yourself from the lie.

Can’t deny, that I’m no longer limited by my doubt.

I consider this a token.

Like a Great day on someones bad day, unspoken.

I consider this hell!

Not the kind with fire jails,

But mental confusion and spiritual uproot.

I know it to be the hidden truth.

Enjoying my youth like its June , sweaty, free, and untamed.

Unnamed, unashamed, & insane.

Revising my life through the photos I never take.

Lost moments I created , like a torn page out dated.

What good is a trip with no proof?

Glowing skin with a story to be told has no use, in a world where seeing is believing.

As if a photo doesn’t lie, and angles dont disguise.

J. Peters šŸ¦‹


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