Never trust words

Trust actions.

What you would do for another they would never do for you.

How can you love someone who helps your enemy make poison for your food?

It’s a lesson in it all,

Why go to war for those that continue to fall.

I hate those awkward words that remain unspoke, and harsh truths that come out as a joke.

Like a bird in a cage released only with the windows closed.

I plead to be free, there’s no greater pain than the one that burns your soul.

The tears that swells your throat and burns your eyes.

Peacock placed knives in back, a new art form of lies.

Why disguise and excuse what your actions never deny?

A complete fool, I am because of how hard I love.

Like a dog in heat ignoring commands, yet loyal to free food and pretend.

Win or lose, it all ends.

Like Sade, I can be a soldier of love without a heart.

I can be dim or smart.

Constantly at odds with myself, fighting my own inner demons that keep leading me into dead ends, and self sabotaging dwells.

I’m just trying to get out of my own way, so I shut down when I’m thinking.

My silence is not attitude, but me becoming more awakened.

Peace & Love world .

J. Peters 🦋


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