Giving you views from all aspects and furthering your imaginations into a beautiful cinema production. Maktub ( it is written)

Who Am I?

I am a poet. I love to mostly free flow as I like to call it writing off the top of my head with out correction, direction,  or boundaries. Everything I write  would be considered a draft in the writers world. The entire point of this blog is to walk you through the perplexity and multiple paradoxes that all people have. I hope to encourage you to grow all the while showing you my everyday thoughts, and life. Also writing through others experiences and problems they have as well. I write for me, myself, and random people. I will also be supporting other bloggers who I feel are extremely great. Thanks for coming on to my page, thanks for appreciating my work. May your soul be light and your mind tingle pleasurably to the flow of my mystery writings.  As an artist I’m sure to keep you captivated in my work. I will also be sharing my quick sketches and other artist artwork with my writings, I draw as much as I write. Enjoy….

You can also check out my tumblr page I most recently made…



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