They say be strong, never flip your mask.

Paint a picture on sheep skin, so that’ll last.

It has been planted into our minds to feel some type of way, just to feel some type of way.

It takes away the pain of living out your day to day.

We only feel alive when it hurts to stay.

Walk quickly towards the exit and leave behind the hate.

Never build on a troublesome lesson or dismay.

We all can be living for our past gains.

Mind frames sticky from our last thing.

Escapade appealing so we kill our last names.

Becoming the Smiths , Lees, and Gonzalez of the world’s masquerade.

Dissolving into one melting pot of empty pain.

Upside down becomes right side up with out present mind games.

Nice has become flirting, honesty has become hate, and happiness has become material luxe.

Icey hearts, empty words, value based on paper and a tuxe.

What are we if not chained to our own lie.

Heavy words and mute footsteps longing to rip apart the disguise.

To be different, even when different isn’t a trend for those who are to simple to be prime.

Be light world.

Be here, love.

Be loud, words.