If time went backwards we would all just repeat our mistakes.

Seeing our errors and mishaps at a snail pace.

So why not move forward, instead of living in the past?

Embrace the opportunity to create something beautiful that could forever last.

Either you build in the present or regret what’s next.

It’s like the universe, sending fallen stars down to earth so it’ll reset.

Living on the wave, that brings in the tide of wonder.

Breathing life into those whose vibration has weakly sundered.

Through the cries of our aura, may epoch awaken within us please.

To become the purpose we were all made to be.

And move swiftly through life’s ups and downs, like an Angel ineffable wings.

Painting the clouds with stories of their spiritual missions that are oblivion to you and me.

Be true, eyes.

Be real, love.

Be quick, mind.

Peace & Love Always 🌷

By: J. Peters 🌼🌻


A Poets Dream


Let me become your obsession. ..
Your needs and pleas
Your wants and dreams.
I got so much to give,
Let me help you believe.
So much to be said , so much for you to see.
Let me spoil you and fill your ears with sweet nothings that lead to your beneath.
Love you to hate you to live you again.
Good and bad
let me become your obsession
Your every thought, 
Your every mood,
Your every day
Your every way.
Let me
Just let me…
By meeee. Jasmine .. ✌&❤ Always



In this world I’m  alone…
In this life I’m on my own…
Things just pile up on me and leave me feeling vamished and stoned.
I tire so easy from the constant day to day bull.
My focus seems to have dissolved into  lights that appear dull .
Bright ideas comes from daydreams of a better life.
I feel I do fit the description of a sadden poets spite.
Deep and dark…
Words written in blood from my heart.
Forever I lay in smoke
Inside my burning house
Smothering in flames
With no way out.



Its the eyes that give us all away.
They tell our secrets and expose our pain.
Like dirty laundry hanging out side for all to see, ignorant to our vain.
You’re a depraved heart thieve,
Its funny how you dare to try to break my heart, only to find its already stolen.
Someone got here before you and ran away with it.
You can’t hurt me deep enough to matter, but you can make me sick.

Sorry you thought you could break me, but my heart I barely miss.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



The worst pain is the one you can’t see,
Burning tears that are mute  and head bursting inner screams.
A pain that cuts you deep,
Puts your soul on bed rest and prevents your mind from sleep.
The brightest decisions comes from the darkest times.
The most beautiful diamonds come from the deadliest and darkest mines.
So sweet is bitter
And bitter is bleak.
Unique indifference leaves all weak but the growth is all we need.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes