P.ower, P.eace  F.reedom
The Power of the people, relies not only on Peace, but
Freedom of being.
You cannot silence a storm that has been forming for some time, you can only prepare, secure, watch, and listen.
May all lives be valued and all voices be heard clearly and with pure clarity.
You can never truly value peace, if there is no war.
From Ferguson, Missouri to Maryland Baltimore riots, there is an unjust that needs to be settled.
Let the voice of the people be heard through the roar of the chaos.
The greatest success comes from the darkest of struggles.
Pray for better, work for greater, and love the people you’re with and around.
Be safe world,
Be kind activist,
Be honest government.
Every individuals life counts, whether you’re fighting for your belief or enforcing the law.
Peace & Love always…

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes