Every end has a beginning.

Just as every loss has a win.

Love the life you live without pretend.

And live the truth you prey on from within.

To knock down a wall you have to first build it.

You can’t prosper if your focus is on another’s guilding.

You are what you do, not what you say.

You receive what you send out and what you have paved.

So be rich in heart and honest in soul.

Feel the ground as you walk so that your body will float.

Be real, fate.

Be humble, art.

Be strong, mind.

Love and light!

Peace & love always! 💋

By: J. Peters 👑


Game of Truce


They say those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind…
In total honesty,
People will leave you with nothing, then come back and snatch that nothing, just because it is still in fact something.
In contrary belief, its really what matters to that said person, that defines what is nothing or something.
What is valued or taken for granted, depends on who cares the less not the most.
It all goes without saying everything and everybody are capable of being used or users.
Used until you are dust waiting for the wind to pick up.
Poisonous kind of greed that manipulates loves plead.
Constantly loving you just to hate you and cause mistakes.
And constantly hating you, just to love what reflects their inner fools.
Tied hands living for the puppeteer’s entertainment of the unamused.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



To expect more from another while you give less,

is like using a strainer to hold water, pointless.

You get what you give, so if you give nothing expect that,

Yet the obvious has never limited fools.

You still have those takers who refuse to help others to be better than where they started.

It seems almost crazy  how people are so quick to forget what they wish wasn’t their reality,

Truth is that mirror reflects two ways whether your holding it up to someone else or standing in front of it.

Beware of what you give off, no matter how you present yourself, your thoughts  alone still send off the energy you leave in the dark.

You are how you react to all situations in life.

Remember that much.



Unlimited is the lies of the world,filled with close minded fools . Those who believe only what they can see.
As if their other senses are just there for basic needs.
Common sense flees most minds, leaving the clueless like sheep.
Minds unconscious, following the wolves lead.
Those who can’t think for their selves fall into trances unseen.
Only their soul seems to bleed the need for relief.
Protect your mind what’s seen can’t be unseen.
A photo tells a thousands words of what it wants you to think.
Look beyond the Forrest and you’ll see trees.
Look beneath the ocean  water and you’ll see another world beautiful beyond belief.
Energy unbottles, the miracles of life.
So positive or negative is a choice of strive.
Its always more to learn, so perceive the truth.
Widen your view and believe in you.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes