Wagon Wheels

I expect more, because i give without any limitations.

If you think that another can come close to me,

Then my dear, you have confused authenticity with mere imitation.

Like karaoke versus a concert.


Biking in The sands of Dubai versus Hollywood’s green screen desert.

The look doesn’t fulfill the desire.

You can’t fill up on fake, so you have to take on the life of a liar.

But keep in mind its all a choice.

Ride in the wagon or use your voice.



By: J. Peters




Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again , and expecting different results”

Its like thinking out loud in silence.
When your words have no weight advice seems to shrink smaller than any mistake can display.
No, my only regret is falling when I could have flown.
Reverse time and give me back mine.
The past is tomorrows gain, forever brief burial in vain.
Hands tied behind my back with tears mixed with sweat pouring out my veins.
Struggling to unbound myself, rope tight rolling on concrete in a helpless eternal death.
No pain can subside the hearts strain, when hope is a step from sane.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes