If time went backwards we would all just repeat our mistakes.

Seeing our errors and mishaps at a snail pace.

So why not move forward, instead of living in the past?

Embrace the opportunity to create something beautiful that could forever last.

Either you build in the present or regret what’s next.

It’s like the universe, sending fallen stars down to earth so it’ll reset.

Living on the wave, that brings in the tide of wonder.

Breathing life into those whose vibration has weakly sundered.

Through the cries of our aura, may epoch awaken within us please.

To become the purpose we were all made to be.

And move swiftly through life’s ups and downs, like an Angel ineffable wings.

Painting the clouds with stories of their spiritual missions that are oblivion to you and me.

Be true, eyes.

Be real, love.

Be quick, mind.

Peace & Love Always 🌷

By: J. Peters 🌼🌻


Art Thee


Art is what you want it to be.
Butterflies in trees,
flowers pouring honey into bees.
Art is a sun too hot and too bright to see.
Vibrant colors cool, warm, & dreamed
Art is me
I am art
From the words formed by ink
The gentle brush strokes of paint.
The spray, carve, blood, sound, the creation.
I am more than this generation
I am the idea, the race, the thought, the pace…
The miracle, the healer, the gift, the grace.
Art am I
am I art
I am art.
Peace and love always
By jasmine

I Hate you


You’ll never know me,
even if you tried
I’ll never forgive you,
even if you died.
There has been NO remorse for every night I’ve cried.
So why should I forgive your convenient lies?
Lies that benefit only your cruel despise.
By meee. Jasmine



Its never enough, no matter what.
Even the finish is a new beginning.
Today brings tomorrow’s envy.
The end is always empty, the start is always full.
Like a gas filled car going no where, stopping only when you need more fuel.
What is this all for?
What is our destined fate?
I now ask a million questions so either I’m on time or too late.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Healing Your Soul


Treat all better than they treat you, better than you want to be treated. I know the saying is a little more like ‘ treat others the way you want to be treated, ‘ but no ones knows what they really want.
Everyone just knows what they don’t want.
Whether this list of con’s come from experience, observation, or just wishful thinking.
Your expectations consist of a forever growing list of dislikes.
A person can never truly give you what’s needed and wanted when you don’t know the difference between what you desire and what your soul necessitates.
Instead of showing others your pet peeves, dislikes, or  past emotional scars.
Show them your desires without the list of cons, let them learn who you are and widen your view.
They can learn from you as well as you can learn from them.
For you forever change day to day, and things are always different with different people.
The turn out is only the same when you treat them the same way you treat others before them.
And what you have tolerated and accepted as well.
If you tell them all the negative things you clung to, sooner or later they’ll give you what you expect.
Because that’s all they know.
Its like telling a person you hate warm water so they give you ice water.
If you had not told them that, you would have been given the varieties of wine, juice, soda, coffee, plus more.
But now that person doesn’t have to spoil you , learn your desires, or help you to accumulate more desires.
Why would they do that when you told them you like ice water?
No you never said that you only like water, but you only told them you hate warm water. You limited them, so instead of growing with you, they’re feeding your past and not your present.
I’m not talking about desiring something to drink, though you’re probably thirsty now lol,  I’m figuratively speaking.
You limit your growth when you remain in the same thought process.
Its not always other people, sometimes its you.
I used to fear the rain, would always run to my moms room or hide beneath my covers. Now it soothes my spirit and relaxes my mood.
I used to love parties & the movies, now I prefer something a little more intimate or chaotic like a theme park.
Point being your taste changes like fine wine throughout the years.
Don’t have high expectations for a person you gave a list of rules too.
Ask your self how will they know what you like if , your cons are longer than your pros.
Its like constantly making sure you don’t step on someone’s feet while dancing.
You can’t truly enjoy the moment , or feel their heat mold against yours.
Hell you can’t even hear the music.
You’re putting their focus on the negatives. So all they know is negatives. Which builds your connection on a negativity.
Learn to let go, move on and grow.
Allow others to love, learn, and see you with a different view.
Your past was a lesson not to be repeated.
We must learn our favorites, attain more likes, retry things we hate, conquer our fears, and love sincerely.
Tough love, and food for thought.
Be loved all,
Be strong all,
Be true…
Peace & Love Always

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Make The Most Of It


They have an old saying,
“You gotta play the game with the uniform you’re issued in order to win…”
But that would make you a team player on another persons team, right?
You can’t follow and hope to lead.
There is a million ways to enter all things, but always only ONE exit.
It is hard to live for the moment without knowing what that moment truly is.
So I encourage all to take note that following in line or waiting for your time will only waste what’s left of it.
Take that risk and fail.
Then take that risk and fail.
Then take that risk again and again.
Until what you want , what you desire, what you need, prayed, hoped, and wish for is answered.
It takes more than a million no’s to get one yes.
You can either read a book or write it, the choice is yours.
You can write it by living or watching.
Trust me when I say its better to do both.
Leave the crazy for observation and the triumph for life.
It only takes one light bulb to fill up a dark room. And once that room is lit, it is then that you’ll see the doors of opportunity.
It is
Your life,
Your voice,
Your decision.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

In all honesty…


Never let another’s words dictate your decisions or determine who you are as a person and how you feel about yourself or other situations.
You can only be you,
you can only live your life.
Those who want to hurt you see the potential you have yet to reach.
So live and forgive those who wish bad onto you or do deceitful things to harm you.
Let them make their own beds.
But if you choose to lay in it with them, then prepare to feel the flames they have created.
The good thing is you can always get up and get in your own bed, but they will have to forever lay in theirs.
Karma hits direct, no mistakes.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes