I can no longer tolerate less than what I’m willing to give.

Why should I lessen myself and bid my gifts?

So if i give you the moon, you must bring me the stars.

If I strengthen your heart, you must heal my scars.

Its become too difficult to carry your baggage with my own.

My bones are aching and my soul has gone numb.

So take your weight, so I can balance my own.

View getting bigger, i see different,

Life becoming clearer, i feel different.

Words becoming deeper, i hear different

Actions becoming bigger, i vibe different.

Growing, just keep growing,

No slowing down what was planned before my knowing.

Like wind ill be as free as a bird at night.

Unseen yet forever present during daylight.

Moving smooth and swift like a hunters knife, precise.

As wise as the owl that never turns it back.

Trust no one but, still remember to interact..

Be quiet, mind.

Be short, words.

Be heavy, heart.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Petersūüíč


The Loveless

Karma will ¬†unearth the malevolent¬†and reward the fallen…

A person who has only seen love from a far, but has never felt it

will try to belittle love with useless words.

An opportunist intervening with mind games, dry spells, love spells, and fake hurt.

Destroying kismet love just to benefit for self earn.

Guilt tripping someone else’s soulmate so that they will remain under their loveless curse.

A sadist,

A masochist,

the worst.

Little do they know, all chains break,

they want to possess love even if theirs is fake.

Love is like water, no rock can contain.

Why hurt what fate will change?

Playing side to another’s main,

A persons history with their soulmate alone, wins and ends your loveless cunning game.

why disrespect yourself, just find your own love for you to claim.

If you take a persons freewill,

karma will build you up only to eradicate.

Gifting you with

every person you have hurt, pain.

Destroying you with

every bad scenario you have thought, 


Exposing you with

every lie you have buried,

infamous vain.

Karma will gift you pain….

Enough to drive you insane.

By Jasmine







Its the eyes that give us all away.
They tell our secrets and expose our pain.
Like dirty laundry hanging out side for all to see, ignorant to our vain.
You’re a depraved heart thieve,
Its funny how you dare to try to break my heart, only to find its already stolen.
Someone got here before you and ran away with it.
You can’t hurt me deep enough to matter, but you can make me sick.

Sorry you thought you could break me, but my heart I barely miss.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Thought you knew,
Left you a note that told you we we’re through.
Now I’m left feeling guilty and unamused at the stupidity that comes from you.
Harsh words and apologies coming in sync leaving us both hurt and confused.
Feeding guilt to hold on to what we already lost.
Remaining miserable at happiness cost.
With you I feel bored with the routine.
Waking up and constantly entertaining your new big money schemes.
Our lies have suffocated us both with truth busting at the seams.
Its been over but you won’t let go no matter my inner screams.
With you begging me please asking me over and over what do I need.
Space for eternity is what i need..
A new life, love, scene…
If its meant to be it’ll be
But for now what I need is not what you can see.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes