Night Sun


Dazed Dreamer…
Mark of the Sun,
In a mental paradise,
wicked be born, good be shunned.
False euphoria land of the stunned.
Racing through the wind , riding diamond eyed duns …
Dreaming takes up part of the day,
Putting things in places, we can only hope will be one day.
Mind altering from white to grey, but NEVER black.
Darkness always quickly fades.
Positive energy and neutral views.
Plenty to gain and everything to lose.
Nothing can be incomplete in this world.
Not a note, a book, a song, or a prayers herald; it’ll only leave ones thoughts elusive and  irreversibly swirled.
Constantly life stays in motion.
Taking us places that sometimes makes no sense.
Change is inevitable, but are we inevitable to change?
It seems you only feel down when your will is so far away.
Looking up only to bow your head, too shy to gaze.
Be free mind ,
Be confident smile,
Be strong hope.
Be gentle youuu,
Be gentle.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes