Make The Most Of It


They have an old saying,
“You gotta play the game with the uniform you’re issued in order to win…”
But that would make you a team player on another persons team, right?
You can’t follow and hope to lead.
There is a million ways to enter all things, but always only ONE exit.
It is hard to live for the moment without knowing what that moment truly is.
So I encourage all to take note that following in line or waiting for your time will only waste what’s left of it.
Take that risk and fail.
Then take that risk and fail.
Then take that risk again and again.
Until what you want , what you desire, what you need, prayed, hoped, and wish for is answered.
It takes more than a million no’s to get one yes.
You can either read a book or write it, the choice is yours.
You can write it by living or watching.
Trust me when I say its better to do both.
Leave the crazy for observation and the triumph for life.
It only takes one light bulb to fill up a dark room. And once that room is lit, it is then that you’ll see the doors of opportunity.
It is
Your life,
Your voice,
Your decision.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes


Forever Young


A grown child…
I guess its hard to believe I still watch cartoons.
Sing loudly in the shower out of tune.
I still cry in my pillow when the world has come down on me.
Call my best friend so we can plot out vengeance never to be received.
I still hate refusal and hearing gossip being told.
As I did as a child after I was given the final “no”.
My inner voice still laughs at a clumsy fool falling.
I love a good joke that leaves my stomach balling.
I still play in my make up, experimental things.
I still love gifts and giving back, which is all the same.
Paint drying still bores me, yet art still leaves me amazed.
I still pick flowers from the ground and place them behind my ear.
I still swing until my feet has touched the clouds that seem so near.
A young heart with an old soul,
Eating captain crunch and jam toast.
Still blasting my music like a teenager locked in their room.
Damn near obsessed with all fashion and new phones.
A child at heart forever in my own zone.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes