Blood Dynasty

As fly as I can be,

Making waves in the hearts and minds of plenty.

Never does a moment past that you can reprimand me.

My karma so good, I call her ass to defend me.

Keeping my haters so tight that their eyes bulge out like candy.

So damn sweet even God pats my back with envy.

Surrounding me with flowers that are other worldly and pretty.

I watch the angels write my name in the clouds, because I’m gritty.

Paranormal activities keep my heart beating like african drums.

In a trance during the night time I hear my ancestors sang and hum.

So fresh is the idea of a truth teller explaining the lie.

Breaking it down so that others can no longer deny.

I’m me, so damn unpredictable, but comprehensible, like a wave.

Though my mystery comes in a mystical juice like Lady Dais,

For ever building on my dreams until I began to fade.

Be quick, mind.

Be humble, world.

Be true, heart.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋



When Your In A Storm…


Whoever your God of choice is, or maybe you have not yet found God.
Either way i just wanted to share this positive soul with you guys.
God speaks through her to reach the ears of many.
Whenever I’m going through something, or can’t seem to get out of a bad daze.
This is who I turn to.
Such a sweet honest soul that forever uplifts me and basically tells me to focus on my focus.
Thank you for helping me dear.
Make sure you guys check her out, her videos aren’t long and drawn out either, their short and sweet.
She’s on Instagram, YouTube, and twitter.
Check her out, I’m sure her words will help you in one way or another.
Dana Chanel – When in a Storm

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes