The Calm Before the Storm

by xetobyte

I move swift with the wind beneath my feet.

Bringing to the light the deception that breeds defeat.

We all have a choice to make war or send peace .

But it doesn’t mean that we all will choose to do the same.

You have the breed of a monster,  that’s hungry for worship,  fame,  and pain .

You have the Lennon’s that choose boarder line drama and peace,  caused by trauma from the insane.

Then you have the Peace makers that no matter their upbringing refuse to dish out the same pain .

It’s all a choice in the matter of love or pain .

There’s no safe way to travel through life,  except to be one with peace .

Just as there is no safe way to travel within our minds deceit .

You can be prepared for going over board with the unknown at your feet .

But, everything can always go more than two ways .

Based on experience and your fear making you one second too late .

Be more, mind

Be smart,  heart ,

Be kind , world .

Peace & Love Always! !

BY: J.  Peters 🌹




Truth picks you apart and places you in the darkest hour .

The reign of the venom that exposes your hurt and turns the newer improved you, sour .

There’s not enough saving that can change  a liar.

So if you fall victim to the lie just know the real you expires .

Beware of the empty void of self preservation that weighs out your possibilities and your desires.

Shall we mute the scream of the tongue that speaks your name in vain ?

Can we move a soldier into the darkest places and expect them to come out as normal as the sane?

You’d be surprise at the wrecking ball that is required to change .

It knocks down the walls and crumbles your comfort zone  so that you will no longer let time fade.

Deception fuels the weak to depend on their hate.

It fuels the fire that eliminates your means to be great .

The loop hole to your every mistake,  is that time never takes a break.

You have to be strong even when your only strength is to wait.

Be true World

Be quick love

Be silent soul .

Peace & Love Always

By: J.  Peters 🌹


Rare Rose


Like a rose,

I grow for all to see.

Sending out the sweetest fumes so that my inner honey draws you all like bees.. 

But through beauty comes pain, 

So pick from me one at a time,  so through the years our love will remain. 

My armour of thorns draws blood so that only the greedy will retreat from the pain.

Only few can hold me,  I grow in the rarest of places , at times,  so that all will know me. 

A rose of layered petals that hold my soul to everything. 

May I bloom in your mind and bring light to your days.

May I be your gift from the heart to some one you can’t hate. 

My words can never fade , like heavy ink on the depth of thread homemade.

Be gentle world, 

Be sweet love, 

Be truthful mind .

Peace & Love Always

By: J . PETERS 🌹




One foot forward brings you two steps back,

Like a guinea pig on a turning wheel running ahead of itself .

They say to take things slow, you have to move faster!

Because sooner or later the laws of error will find you .

Looking down the roads towards my future plans , hesitantly.

Choosing each one based on, what seems to be the easiest to lie through.

Helping me put my insecurities behind truth.

But easy comes with a price that only leads to nowhere plus            U-turns,  pain,  and desperate cruel crisis .

But still I step high,  overconfident that I’ll eventually find you .

You being the road to my domain,  the path that heals all shame,

the reason for my life , and the powerful mark of my name.

On a quest to grow , so that I will glow like firefly at night.

Real bright,  yea real nice .

Be easy truth ,

Be sweet love,

Be punctual time. .



Bad Karma


Guilty and knowing
You can only burn yourself twice before you learn a lesson.
They say bad karma will have you searching for a needle in a haystack.
Looking for the gain of nothing.
Sometimes its just the opposite of that.
Sometimes bad karma will have you searching for a hay stick in a needle pyramid
Tough, painful, and evej more pointless.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Mi Yute


Fearless I used to be
Running through trees and diving in dry leaves.
Innocent, wild,
Daring , loud, and
Fearsome I have become,
Running from past shame,
No more climbing in trees that, poisonous spiders may claim .
Dry leaves hurt when your not a 45 pound 5 year old.
It s all so familiar, but
It just not the same…

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Forbidden is a mind that is free!
A mind that can see pass the envy and greed.
Forbidden is a little girls cries of hunger that can’t be fed with tainted truth and lies.
Forbidden is a man’s hopeful plead to succeed so that limitless heauxs will beg for his seed.
Forbidden is a mind that see’s through the deceivers dimly lit creaks. 
If you unbox your mind, you’ll own your truth.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Whatever you may be going through today.
For whatever reason,
rest assure
That those who mean you harm, those with wicked schemes, and secret agendas will all have their own fate they are destined to face.
Just as you will,
Do not try to be nice,
Spread love,
whether you’re walking by someone on the side walk, give a little smile or commenting under someone’s picture , compliment their glow.
To critique another person without admitting your own faults and flaws,
Is like slamming a hammer on broken glass instead of helping to clean it up.
A bigger mess.
Be kind young
Be wise old
Be loved soul.
Peace ✌

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



It takes a moment to really see, the path thats chosen and the path unseen.
But when you do the choice is yours,
To step outside your comfort or stay within your inner voice.
Keep in mind, life is not what you make it,  its what WE make it , plural.
So who lives in your world also decides your fate and morals.
Tread lightly but still remember to make a wave.
Its your time, your day, and your fate.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Good Morning


Heavy eyes ,
With an intense yawn
Arms stretched wide
As the clocks screams dawn.
Your day has just begun.
With little time to rest before the rise of the sun.
One 5 minute snooze, no make that 10.
Will hold you till the clock screams again.
The lust of a moments rest,
One moment,
One sound,
Before the Coffee brews
The day moves you around.
Before the news,
Its just you, for a mere few minutes,
Its just you.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes