Its moments like this that reality sets me straight.
Seems like everday is another mistake.
There is a purpose for my presence right?
The universe motives unveil reason in clear sight.
I am to fulfill a destiny that I have yet to pursue.
Constantly obsessing over self growth and finding something new.
Prosperity has yet to find me,
an artist starving for more than the wealth that blinds the weak.
The crave for power turning all into liars, decievers, and thieves.
Like vultures, a small taste of fame leads to greed.
Causing all to lose their pride, soaking in their own conceit.
So vain to another mans gain.
Critical watchers who will do anything in the name…
Blasphemous Utopia for just a lifetime without stress that drains.
Leading to puppetry and controlled artist, selling us replicas of the ones before us.
What is great?
What is original?
Promoting envy and boastings materials.
Spiritual guidance slowly fades, as all follows the footsteps the damned has paved.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes