The Butterfly Effect

Like a song bird, sang to me sweet nothings that lead to sin.

Build me up, so that i will never fall again.

Like ice, cool my heat to balance out my wins. So that I can remain humble with no need to pretend.

The sun dims the light of the moon, but yet the moon still lights the night.

It’s the hype, that leads us to believe the smaller light isn’t as bright.

Just like sand holds the Ocean back, but still can be consumed.

Or how a single pebble can plug a whole in a dam that has been ruined.

It’s takes something small to feed something big.

Like a single idea can turn into an empire.

A dream can change the minds of the uninspired.

Love can influence all to do what another desires.

The list goes on, small things cause a ripple effect in every ones life.

It’s unpredictable how a plan can be diminished or successful by the simple smallest conside.

Be honest, world.

Be true, love.

Be clear, heart.

Peace & Love Always.

By: J. Peters đŸŒ»


YEAR 2016


The beginning of the end!

Let the toast begin,

glasses clinking loudly,

blurry visions, soft smiles, with the music up mildly.

Lovers gazing into each others eyes

as the countdown causes all hearts to rise

Leaving behind last years times,

taking our present towards our futures highs.






HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!