Pride won’t let you win.

Itll let you pretend though.

Its takes deep thought to see what you want to see.

No matter your loss, you always need what you couldn’t keep.

How weak can words be if it can control your mental pleads.

Within us all is a desire to feed our soul the love that can make us feel complete.

Like paint drying, I don’t bore myself with undertones and mute goodbyes.

Just free me from vanity, so that i can fly,

Baring all for the world, while laying in the sky.

Wise and open to the light,

Drinking bitter wine with stale crackers, old cheese and fruit thinly sliced.

Forever mute , looped within a silent cry.

Be silent, mind.

Be easy, love.

Be true, world.

Peace & Love Always!!!πŸ’‹

By: J. Peters🍾🍷



It only gets sweeter,

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Its the spoiling that makes it sweet,

So spoil me until I’m weak.

Paint the words of my soul, through your eyes, inspire.

For your perception of me, is the knowledge I desire.

Be i the black mamba to your heart so damn lethal igniting instant sparks.

Call it love at first sight, like star gazing from the planetarium at night.

They say you’re only as strong as your deepest scar.

And only as loving as your softest laugh.

Full love no halfs, lets take it further than to far.

So dear please be as gentle as a feathers touch and as strong as a monks oath of silence.

Because, it only gets sweeter.

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Follow my murmurs into an escapade of euphoric routes.

Be open, mind.

Be loving, words.

Be clear, eyes.

Peace & Love Always! πŸ’‹

By: J. Peters πŸ”₯

Forever Young


A grown child…
I guess its hard to believe I still watch cartoons.
Sing loudly in the shower out of tune.
I still cry in my pillow when the world has come down on me.
Call my best friend so we can plot out vengeance never to be received.
I still hate refusal and hearing gossip being told.
As I did as a child after I was given the final “no”.
My inner voice still laughs at a clumsy fool falling.
I love a good joke that leaves my stomach balling.
I still play in my make up, experimental things.
I still love gifts and giving back, which is all the same.
Paint drying still bores me, yet art still leaves me amazed.
I still pick flowers from the ground and place them behind my ear.
I still swing until my feet has touched the clouds that seem so near.
A young heart with an old soul,
Eating captain crunch and jam toast.
Still blasting my music like a teenager locked in their room.
Damn near obsessed with all fashion and new phones.
A child at heart forever in my own zone.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes