Why do it cost to be free?

They say only the young can feel it, while the old is mentally stuck in routine .

We all wish to be free , free of something whether it be a person , place , or object .

They say responsibility is growing up, because of cause and effect.

But when did free become the sub for careless ?

Why does free put fear in the heart of the controllers. And weakens the fearless ?

There is so much power in free that the elites cut our wings before we know we can fly.

Free as a bird without it’s limitations to survive.. .

Be true , eyes .

Be silent, heart.

Be peaceful, mind.

Peace & Love Always!!!

By: J. Peters­čî╣




It almost feels weird to enjoy the simple things.
Like walking in the rain,
Sticking out your tongue to catch a snowflake.
Drawing hearts in the sand,
Figuring out the cloud shapes,
Stargazing at night,
Dancing in the sunflower fields,
Listening to the morning birds sing as the Sun rises.
A good kind of weird.
No a great kind.
To simply enjoy the moment,
No photos, no status updates.
The best moments are truly the ones were we forget our caution shells.
The moments we can never forget.
The moments our minds are the only document.
The moments that seemingly get better each time you try to explain it.
Yeah, to simply enjoy the moment.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes