Blood Dynasty

As fly as I can be,

Making waves in the hearts and minds of plenty.

Never does a moment past that you can reprimand me.

My karma so good, I call her ass to defend me.

Keeping my haters so tight that their eyes bulge out like candy.

So damn sweet even God pats my back with envy.

Surrounding me with flowers that are other worldly and pretty.

I watch the angels write my name in the clouds, because I’m gritty.

Paranormal activities keep my heart beating like african drums.

In a trance during the night time I hear my ancestors sang and hum.

So fresh is the idea of a truth teller explaining the lie.

Breaking it down so that others can no longer deny.

I’m me, so damn unpredictable, but comprehensible, like a wave.

Though my mystery comes in a mystical juice like Lady Dais,

For ever building on my dreams until I began to fade.

Be quick, mind.

Be humble, world.

Be true, heart.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋



Drank Meh


20170601_202913As queen I bring the sun,

giving all light in the dark.

I reveal the universe,  within our very hearts.

Be I a woman from the south, raised with manners to serve kindness to all untaught..

Pouring a special water into all minds so that they will grow. Feeding their souls “why’s” & “how’s” so that they will question what they know…

Guiding the weak and leading the strong.

I am here only to heal the lost,  strengthen the meek,  and rejuvenate the soul..

Drank from me the knowledge that I sow.

So that we all may reap the benefits of the glow..

By meeee.  JASMINE



I surprise myself everytime I talk..
It’s like every wrong word replaces every right word I thought.
Verbally I either put my foot in my mouth or remain rudely mute.
There’s no escaping my truth ,
when all i see is lies.
So I send my prayers up high!
Hoping God will give me clear skies and  wings to fly.
By ..Me Jasmine



They crave a power that only one being possesses.
They crave the innocence only child birth can give.
Monsters who want to gain the magical beauty the soul gives.
They say many sell their soul for earths riches, but it is impossible.
You can’t sell what is not yours to give.
But you can be brainwashed to believe you did.
To swim for eternity in purgatory, before you awaken to enter heaven gates.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

When Your In A Storm…


Whoever your God of choice is, or maybe you have not yet found God.
Either way i just wanted to share this positive soul with you guys.
God speaks through her to reach the ears of many.
Whenever I’m going through something, or can’t seem to get out of a bad daze.
This is who I turn to.
Such a sweet honest soul that forever uplifts me and basically tells me to focus on my focus.
Thank you for helping me dear.
Make sure you guys check her out, her videos aren’t long and drawn out either, their short and sweet.
She’s on Instagram, YouTube, and twitter.
Check her out, I’m sure her words will help you in one way or another.
Dana Chanel – When in a Storm

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Never allow people to treat you like shit, they’ll get use to it and forever walk all over you, wiping their feet clean.
I will never forget the treatment I get from the hateful, bitter, and deceitful people in my life.
You never truly know what a person is going through daily.Trying your best to leave a bad situation, no matter what it takes, even contemplating the value of your own life.
You ask yourself truly do I deserve this?!
What did I do to deserve this?!
Gods test will truly destroy your mental state and leave you with no choice, but to change.
Truly tired of pretending everything is alright, yet can’t help but to spread the love that’s void in my life.
I give what’s never gave, forever a giver.
Always remember to smile through the bull people.
Be honest heart.
Be fair mind.
Be true words.
Peace&love Always

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Its never enough, no matter what.
Even the finish is a new beginning.
Today brings tomorrow’s envy.
The end is always empty, the start is always full.
Like a gas filled car going no where, stopping only when you need more fuel.
What is this all for?
What is our destined fate?
I now ask a million questions so either I’m on time or too late.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

State Of Mind


If my silence isn’t loud then,
will my voice mute the room?
You’re so caught up in talking down on people,
You haven’t noticed you stand alone.
Negative people aren’t meant to live with none.
Their bitterness rots their tongue.
Leave them in their misery before you become consumed.
They are meant to live alone devoured by their own doom.
Never let another belittle you, no matter what.
Push on, love hard, and trust your gut.
It all comes back, in one way or another.
No worries on the target , its all covered.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



It takes more than you know,
To hear the night and to taste the snow.
More than you know ,
To skip through rain drops and  count the stars without a glow.
More than you know,
to be strong when pride is all you have to show.
To sleep at night when tomorrow is all you dread to know.
It takes more than the cling of faith,
Tears of hate and joy of vacation breaks.
The more is the key that keeps on giving as it takes.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Words From The Wise


My take on what Dalai said in the quote above is that r

eality sets all straight…
When you look at more than what’s written.
You hear the voice of the writer, see the story in your mind as if you were watching a movie.
Feeling the depth of their words. You don’t have to believe in their words for your soul to unconsciously sense it with out your full awareness.
Energy is key.. I love Dalai Lamas wise words, they inform, teach, and assure you all in one.
I hope you’re all having a great Sunday, and for others Monday ✌peace&love


by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



Its moments like this that reality sets me straight.
Seems like everday is another mistake.
There is a purpose for my presence right?
The universe motives unveil reason in clear sight.
I am to fulfill a destiny that I have yet to pursue.
Constantly obsessing over self growth and finding something new.
Prosperity has yet to find me,
an artist starving for more than the wealth that blinds the weak.
The crave for power turning all into liars, decievers, and thieves.
Like vultures, a small taste of fame leads to greed.
Causing all to lose their pride, soaking in their own conceit.
So vain to another mans gain.
Critical watchers who will do anything in the name…
Blasphemous Utopia for just a lifetime without stress that drains.
Leading to puppetry and controlled artist, selling us replicas of the ones before us.
What is great?
What is original?
Promoting envy and boastings materials.
Spiritual guidance slowly fades, as all follows the footsteps the damned has paved.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



To lose your self within yourself, is irrational, illogical, and a little bit cray.
If the world had its way,
All would die within a second, to allow it to reflourish all of its beauty that has been lost.
Hearing with the ears of the blind   and seeing through deaf eyes.
Enhanced senses, multiplied.
Nothing can fly by me.
Humble is a heart that has lost its greed.
Mute is a person who have nothing left but faith.
It all slowly fades away into empty pockets.
Only to be filled with remorse and petty blockage.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes