Drank Meh


20170601_202913As queen I bring the sun,

giving all light in the dark.

I reveal the universe,  within our very hearts.

Be I a woman from the south, raised with manners to serve kindness to all untaught..

Pouring a special water into all minds so that they will grow. Feeding their souls “why’s” & “how’s” so that they will question what they know…

Guiding the weak and leading the strong.

I am here only to heal the lost,  strengthen the meek,  and rejuvenate the soul..

Drank from me the knowledge that I sow.

So that we all may reap the benefits of the glow..

By meeee.  JASMINE




They crave a power that only one being possesses.
They crave the innocence only child birth can give.
Monsters who want to gain the magical beauty the soul gives.
They say many sell their soul for earths riches, but it is impossible.
You can’t sell what is not yours to give.
But you can be brainwashed to believe you did.
To swim for eternity in purgatory, before you awaken to enter heaven gates.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

When Your In A Storm…


Whoever your God of choice is, or maybe you have not yet found God.
Either way i just wanted to share this positive soul with you guys.
God speaks through her to reach the ears of many.
Whenever I’m going through something, or can’t seem to get out of a bad daze.
This is who I turn to.
Such a sweet honest soul that forever uplifts me and basically tells me to focus on my focus.
Thank you for helping me dear.
Make sure you guys check her out, her videos aren’t long and drawn out either, their short and sweet.
She’s on Instagram, YouTube, and twitter.
Check her out, I’m sure her words will help you in one way or another.
Dana Chanel – When in a Storm

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Never allow people to treat you like shit, they’ll get use to it and forever walk all over you, wiping their feet clean.
I will never forget the treatment I get from the hateful, bitter, and deceitful people in my life.
You never truly know what a person is going through daily.Trying your best to leave a bad situation, no matter what it takes, even contemplating the value of your own life.
You ask yourself truly do I deserve this?!
What did I do to deserve this?!
Gods test will truly destroy your mental state and leave you with no choice, but to change.
Truly tired of pretending everything is alright, yet can’t help but to spread the love that’s void in my life.
I give what’s never gave, forever a giver.
Always remember to smile through the bull people.
Be honest heart.
Be fair mind.
Be true words.
Peace&love Always

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Its never enough, no matter what.
Even the finish is a new beginning.
Today brings tomorrow’s envy.
The end is always empty, the start is always full.
Like a gas filled car going no where, stopping only when you need more fuel.
What is this all for?
What is our destined fate?
I now ask a million questions so either I’m on time or too late.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes