You Are Only As Great As Your Opponent.

Be very careful who you choose to face!

Never forget they are still their own person with tricks up their sleeve, and you are still your own person with even more tricks.

You have to know your cards and trust them before you can ever try to play your opponents cards against them. 


Learn. &


Peace  x Love, Always




Good Morning


Heavy eyes ,
With an intense yawn
Arms stretched wide
As the clocks screams dawn.
Your day has just begun.
With little time to rest before the rise of the sun.
One 5 minute snooze, no make that 10.
Will hold you till the clock screams again.
The lust of a moments rest,
One moment,
One sound,
Before the Coffee brews
The day moves you around.
Before the news,
Its just you, for a mere few minutes,
Its just you.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes