IMG_20171219_135412_20171219140404024I display you on a canvas for all of the world to see.
Showing your inner thoughts and motives behind all your schemes.
This one is for the books,  so that they will know of you, before you speak.

Serial lover,  you be the Manson to hoarse pleads.

Smiling widely at your own inflicted pain.

Yet you’re the most vain,

Burying your hurt in shit so that you’ll grow clean,  but no matter the beauty you will still stink,  of the bullshit you have sowed.

Reaping the hearts of the broke, but you can never know what it means to love from the soul.

To have your body touched without a physical caress.

To feel your heart flutter from the sound of your true loves breath.

Be you a fool that could never feel at rest.

Walking in the shadows putting out what little light is left.

But dear Nova,  didn’t you know that broken could be fixed?

But not your broken, huh?

You are shattered into smaller bits and scattered in places you would never be missed.

Funny how you see yourself,  ignoring the time I took to find those bits with no help.

Seeing the beast within you that made others bail.  Empowering the best in you,  at least that’s how I felt.

So damaged you think your wrongs ward off pain, but no love they ward off help.

I pray that you one day discover your true self and then karma comes and… yeah.. maybe one day the broken will become whole once again only to be shattered by their own games they played with a false win.

Peace & love always…

Be kind love,

be true heart,

Be focused mind…

J. Peters




“Change is inevitable…
Why hold on to what you have to let go of ?”
– Jhene Aiko

Feels like we’ve been here before,
It’d be selfish to enjoy love just once.
I mean,
you ride a bike more than twice,
go to sleep every night,
Wake up with the sun,
replay a song,
Eat your favorite things most of all.
It’d be selfish to not love another person , because of past pain and fear of the same thing.
It’d be idiotic, irrational, selfish, and insane.
To hurt another the exact same way, then who’s to blame?
Break the chain , its worth it.
You deserve it,
let go and live.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



Running out of conversations,
We’re living on the hope of maybe.
Hanging on a thread of crazy.
Will you stay, though its a bit hazy
I don’t want to fall if all the attempts are dry
Tears flow slow, we’ve lost our minds.
Tell me what you want and need
Don’t tell me why
Forever yours, forever mine
Are we worth the fight,
Have we lost our sight.
Do you want to try?
Reaching for more than our plastered disguise.
Wet pillows hold our muted screams and muffled cries.
Could this be goodbye?
A dangerous love that is filled with lies.
Sully views and pain numbing highs.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes