Never Settle

Advice for the day

When you’re in LOVE

Time never matters, EVER… 

I KNOW shit comes up,  

But if it feels like you’re the only one anxious to see the other. 

Then guess what? 

You are.. 

Don’t tolerate half or convenient attention.. 

You can either push their hand by playing their cards. 

Or end the games and let them know their are no alternatives. 

They’re either in or not. 

Simply because if you treat yourself like a option,  so will they…  

Be true, self

Be honest, love

Be kind,  heart. 

Peace & love


By meee… Jasmine 




Its not the things they say to you, its the things they do.
Its not the compliments they flood you with, its their sincere truth.
Its not the things they say behind you,  its the way they defend you.
If I asked you to treat me like you do when I’m not there, say to me what you say about me when I’m not near.
Tell me your deepest thoughts of me, with out fear that you could lose me.
With out tears, I ask you what would you say?
If I did the things you did, forget the gift of love, what if i gifted you with pain instead.
Actions overrules love, not dread
But trust heals all wounds no matter what’s said.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

We Will See

Drawing by me

Where do I start?
A mind of brick, a body with less heart.
On the ground I crawl eating crumbs as they fall.
A soul lost in darkness and fog,
Empty minded and welts from tears.
Choked by hate and living in fear.
Bruised ego, I have become a mockery.
Like shit is how you talk to me!
Me, the girl who gives without limitations.
You talk to others with your lips planted on their asses, then speak to me with their shit still present!
You do not make me!!
No matter how many times you try to break me!
My spirit is damaged, but my strength is not of words or banks.
My strength is of character.
What goes around always comes back and shows its face.
When you face your fate my presence will no longer help you sustain.
No more point and blame,
No more deceit.
Resilience has taken pains place firmly planting my feet.
It is now time for me to leave.
Good riddance to those who still crawl in defeat.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



What will your legacy be?
What will you leave behind for your children to carry on and hand down for generations?
What have you given your children, that your parents didn’t give you?
What have you taught them?
What did you give them when they entered the real world, or what do you plan to give them to take on the challenges you have faced or are still trying to master?
Your job as a parent is to raise your child and prepare them for their future.
If they are ill prepared, consistently discouraged, and raised in a negative environment,
then you have FAILED them.
They are now left to pick up your debts and scraps before  building their own future.
You have taught them to prepare for the worst with expectations to have to clean up another’s lack there of.
You have not taught them to prepare for the best , because the has world failed you it shall always fail them is what you teach.
Can you honestly write a list down of the knowledge, spiritual growth, love and responsibility you have taught them? Hourly? Daily? Monthly? Yearly?
The chain of a family tradition of hell.
Where success is a gift and miracle.
Not a expectation.
Dare to stand out amongst fools? Break the cycle?
Or hell give that cycle back and walk the path that none have seen. Learn to prosper past negative and belittling ignorance.
Family will pull you down and destroy you before the world can, just so that you’ll be stuck where their feet are planted.
You have to learn that a flower can grow in sand and in concrete.
Just because you’re given a hard hand doesn’t mean you have at play with it.
Fold and get dealt in a new hand of possibilities.
Your parents failures doesn’t have to be yours.


by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



I walk in the shadows unafraid
With nothing to want, but better days.
Confused by the constant veiled ways of my peers, they seem to always go astray.
Maybe I’m the victor and they’re the fallen.
Years pass by me, dull moments time has stolen.
My wings grip me so, is it I that need comfort?
Forever reminding myself that others come first,
But should I be so selfless for those who are splashing Mudd puddles on my pants.
There is nothing water can’t cleanse, yet where should I walk when there is more than one end?

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes