Every end has a beginning.

Just as every loss has a win.

Love the life you live without pretend.

And live the truth you prey on from within.

To knock down a wall you have to first build it.

You can’t prosper if your focus is on another’s guilding.

You are what you do, not what you say.

You receive what you send out and what you have paved.

So be rich in heart and honest in soul.

Feel the ground as you walk so that your body will float.

Be real, fate.

Be humble, art.

Be strong, mind.

Love and light!

Peace & love always! 💋

By: J. Peters 👑



Like water to a fish, my presence allows you to sustain.

Drink with me , lets converse about the constellations and what our future will bring.

A moth to my light , you’re forever drawn in, because my mystery is a puzzle you can’t solve.

Fore my mystery forever evolves.

Must i go on a journey that leads through dark forests and ethereal lands, just to make you wonder?

Like watching a man pump $2 dollars worth of gas, making us all sonder. Relatable being,

I can make you feel, in the depth of your loniest thoughts, your unconsciousness revealed.

I can fill that void that makes you doubt all you’ve been taught.

Reaching for the stsrs, lets find the things we have all sought.

For you I’ll bring peace to your woes and nourish your hunger with understanding.

Its not rude to be demanding if you’re reprimanding.

Ill eradicate your weary with a comfort that so heavenly your night won’t be spent miserably awake.

Come now, please come so that i can heal your soul and gift your life with a break..

Be wise, choice

Be woke, soul.

Be present, love.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋

By: J. Peters👑



Feeling like I’m running
on someone else’s time.
Living my dreams only when I close my eyes.
My feet never hits the ground ,
when I’m flying in the sky.
Dressed as a royal puppet , in a happy disguise.
When I dream, I dream big, reaching pass the stars.
On the stage, my life plays out
exposing my mental scars.
(peace&love always)

Night Sun


Dazed Dreamer…
Mark of the Sun,
In a mental paradise,
wicked be born, good be shunned.
False euphoria land of the stunned.
Racing through the wind , riding diamond eyed duns …
Dreaming takes up part of the day,
Putting things in places, we can only hope will be one day.
Mind altering from white to grey, but NEVER black.
Darkness always quickly fades.
Positive energy and neutral views.
Plenty to gain and everything to lose.
Nothing can be incomplete in this world.
Not a note, a book, a song, or a prayers herald; it’ll only leave ones thoughts elusive and  irreversibly swirled.
Constantly life stays in motion.
Taking us places that sometimes makes no sense.
Change is inevitable, but are we inevitable to change?
It seems you only feel down when your will is so far away.
Looking up only to bow your head, too shy to gaze.
Be free mind ,
Be confident smile,
Be strong hope.
Be gentle youuu,
Be gentle.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Keep Going…


Pride leaves before the fall,
after giving it your all.
Learning the pain and giving it some more.
You finally break and even after you break you still keep on giving it more than it should take.
Forever chained to the insanity of one mistake.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Let Me In


I make you laugh,
but you rather have what makes you frown.
Eyes wet you chase after love that can’t be found.
Holding onto what dangerously pulls you down.
Give a fuck about what others are thinking now.
I’m just trying to offer a chance to love you down.
Replace the pain with a pleasurable sound.
But you rather have what makes you frown.
Eyes wet you chase after love that can’t be found.
Forever banking on chance,
Hoping that’ll you’ll make something temporary last.

Be Great


People talk behind your back because they fear it’ll never get to you.
Exaggerating your truth to turn others against you.
For they’ve seen your potential and hope for the worst from you.
So that the higher level you’re trying to reach will never be beneath you.
So they try to pull you down, and make you drown.
But the obvious is if they’re attempting to pull you down, they’re beneath you.
You’re already on your way.
No sense in arguing with those who buried their dreams long before you came.
You’re loved heavily, that they hate.
To be able to be silent when others whisper or boldly rip your hope to shreds of dismay.
Is a strength that takes little than most think.
It takes less to smile, and even less to be great.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes